Nemem: turn your social scrolling time into learning languages

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2 min readDec 30, 2022

Welcome to Nemem’s Medium! Here you can read about our latest updates: what we are doing and what challenges we’re facing. If you’re new here and never heard about “TikTok for learning languages” before — let’s dive into what Nemem is right down below!

We learn languages to have a great job, study wherever we dream, be able to watch our favorite movies, series, vlogs and million other important things. But how to deal with the main challenge on the way to the result — the laziness? While teachers are struggling with students’ procrastination and current education apps are having trouble retaining users, we’re building a TikTok for learning languages, where users can effortlessly turn their social scrolling time into growing their language vocabulary.

In Nemem users scroll vertical feed with short videos the way they used to when scrolling TikToks, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, and passively learn foreign words and phrases through spaced repetition without boring exercises, which they are so tired of. The videos are coming from where all people spend hours every day: social media, movies, TV shows etc. Our AI-algorithm allows automatically generating and recommending dictionaries and videos based on the content that a user would like to watch without dubbing, automatically determining the language level and interests of a user.

We take the content and format that people already stick to, but turn it into a benefit, so the app turns out to be a guilt-free TikTok and an effort-free learning with TikTok-alike user retention. No need to blame yourself for social scrolling anymore, with the Nemem app you are not just getting cheap dopamine from fun videos — you are learning languages!

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We are a product-oriented 2nd-time founders team with a mix of IT-development, marketing and management background. We launched edtech startups, developed complex AI-products and did business development worldwide. But what really unites us is the experience of learning different languages in different ways, we see exactly how modern education should look like and what the young generation seek for, and offer a great solution.

Join us on the way to the most retainable educational experience ever!



nemem app

An app that seamlessly turns your social scrolling time into learning languages.